Grass-Graph will generate a PNG image of your GitHub contributions graph

  • Do you want to easily appeal your contributions on GitHub?

Grass-Graph is a service that can generate a PNG image of a contribution graph of a specific GitHub account. You can also specify the image size, rotation angle, date you want to display.

The below code is your Grass-Graph image tag.

You can specify the angle and size, to rotate or resize the image.

In addition, you can request the past graph image with `date` parameter.

  • You can get image of since July 1, 2016.
  • This API can return the image by recreating the cache only if you got the image on the specified day in advance.
  • Therefore, I recommend you to get graph image everyday.
    (For example, I embed my graph image tag on my blog visited by at least one visitor everyday. :)
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